About Us

Welcome to the “About Us” story of Quahog Bay Bedding!
With thousands of sheet sets sold and such amazing reviews, you'll be surprised to learn that our sheet design came about in early 2014 and began as a design for boat beds!

Unable to find any options for sheets for my new sailboat, I decided to try to make a sheet set myself. After many attempts, the creation of a spreadsheet to calculate angles in V shaped cushions/mattresses and having solved the issue of how to make a V Berth Sheet, I decided that I wanted to help others to avoid the frustration I had experienced. Having cushions for both my old boat and new boat to work with, what is now know as the CinchFit® Sheet design was born. By adding cording and cord locks, a Universal size could be created to fit many smaller sizes.

In 2016, I decided to expand my design to home bedding sizes. Listening to the needs of my customers, our CinchFit® design now provides one best product options for adjustable mattresses where the cording can be tightened over time and we are known for our Split Flex Head Sheet Sets. Based on the principals of sail repair, our FlexSquare reinforcement design prevents sheets from ripping in the stress center of Split Flex mattresses where the mattress separates into two heads. Thank you for reading our story! I guarantee that you will love our sheets.